Get a tool name using a specific word

I’m working on a skill that stops time, but I would like the skills of those who are stopped in time to be disabled

I could use an if statement and put all the names, but that would make the script very confusing, so I was thinking of some function that would find the full name of the tool and the LocalScript in the Backpack using only the words " Magic" and “_Moves” to be able to Disable the LocalScript

I researched for a long time and I couldn’t find anything that could help me, this is the first time I’m creating a topic here, I hope this explanation of the problem hasn’t been too confusing, and thanks in advance

If there is only 1 LocalScript in the tool, you could use Tool:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("LocalScript") and set whatever it returns to Disabled.


This will be perfect, thank you very much

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