Get distracted! - A Henry Stickmin dance kinda game

Welcome to get distracted! a game where you, uhh get distracted i guess.

Not much to say about this, you really have to play this to get information out of it. This game was made purely for fun and feedback will be greatly appreciated too!



Hello Ethan!
I have really enjoyed the game it seems like a game I would come to every now and then,
The scenes are great, the way you have outlined selected NPC’s to change their character was neat,
I can create endless memes with this game I really love what you have created! :smiley:
There is nothing wrong or bugged about this game but adding more scenes or minimizing the wait time to get
to another scene would be great since it takes a little bit of time to shift between the scenes. (Optional Though)
Thank you for the cool experience Ethanthegrand14! ^-^

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Glad to hear that you enjoyed it! Thanks for your feedback too!