Get Ids for a few hundred images


I’m working on a new project that will have hundreds, yes hundreds, of images used as textures (Players being able to visually customize an entity in the game (Not the main player…)).
Since images used in textures can only be addressed via their IDs, is it possible to scan the rbxgameasset folder to create a table (Saved as text for example) matching image names with IDs?
Thanks for the help.


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I’ve never heard of something that can scan through rbxgameassets but maybe that’s just cause I don’t browse too often. Anyways, you could just run through every image label you have. Something like;

local ImageId = -— id you want
local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local PlayerGui = Player:WaitForChild(“PlayerGui”)

for _,v in pairs(PlayerGui:GetDescendants()) do
   if v:IsA(“ImageLabel”) then
      if string.gsub(v.Image,“^%D+“,””) == tostring(ImageId) then

Hello, thanks for the reply. I do not have the images locally, there are too many. I have no ImageLabels in playergui either.
You also can’t do mass import of images into the hierarchy. It copies only one at a time.
So the best way would be to find be able to scan rbxgameasset.