Get Sent to a Random Game (Update v1.4.0)

v1.4.0: Patch Notes

To keep things simple, I’m listing all of the changes in this post.

  • Teleporters now have designated pad designs
  • A new half-decent thumbnail/game icon
  • Tips now appear in the chat
  • A “help” NPC
  • Another NPC to explain the unifnished arena seen in the game
  • A “Mother tree” with the new obby under it
  • A tower for decoration
  • A few small tress for decoration
  • A new Spleef minigame
  • Lighting changes
  • Music changed to a new song by VirtualMo
    *Bug fixes sprinkled in
    *More donation options
  • And more!

The game:

This update has made the map ever so more interesting than just a baseplate being held up by Gerald. It is filled with more color, more imagination, and more great experiences.

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