Get user sales?

Hi! I’m trying to make a game which tracks users UGC sales, but no matter what I try, I can’t find them. I’ve tried all of these url’s: 0) (need to have made item) (purchase count doesn’t even show)

Does anyone know how to do this, or what API to use? I know it’s possible, because I’ve seen other games do it, and the sales are still up-to-date. Any help would be appreciated!

Roblox recently updated the Sales API to which the only person who can view the sales is can view the sales. The only way I could think of doing this is a hacky method including searching every player who has worn any UGC asset for those who wear the item or have it in their inventory. Only way I could think of doing this, unless you get access by the owner of the UGC item themselves.

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