GetDeveloperProductsAsync - Internal Error ..?

The issue here is that server is meant to hold reference to the whole object returned by GetDeveloperProductsAsync, so as to allow the products to be later picked apart à la carte. It doesn’t do so though, because of some internal server error?

function GameSettings:getAllConsumables()
	local success, results = ypcall(function()

	return ({[true]=results:GetCurrentage()})[success] or {};

This is what I get back…

13:49:27.587 - StandardPages: Request Failed because HTTP 0 (HTTP 500 (HTTP/1.1 500 InternalServerError))

Any workarounds?

Are you doing this in studio play solo or on a live server?

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The place has to be connected to the game that you’re trying to fetch products from.
If you’re editing it from say, an autosave, it won’t work correctly.


Ohh - I hadn’t actually published the game, but I also didn’t have any actual developer products to fetch so I didn’t make the connection. Thanks.