GetMarkerReachedSignal isnt firing on an animation with 1 event and at the 0:00 position

I’m not sure if this is expected functioncatily or if this is a bug, but when I have an animation event at the very beginning of an animation it doesnt print out anything in the event I attached to it

But the animation does play which is the part Im confused about

This is how I setup the animation

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Please show the code you are using to setup the Marker Reached Event, also what is the name of the Marker in the Animation?

What’s the use case for this? An event already exists that practically resembles this anyway.

idk if it’s intentional or not, but you should use DidLoop and Stopped for triggers at the start and end. and for the beginning, you could assume it triggered when doing :Play() to the track

GetMarkerReached is also deprecated now, use Get KeyframeReached instead

There is no GetMarkerReached, its GetMarkerReachedSignal and it’s not deprecated.

I meant GetMarkerReachedSignal instead