Getting 60 images uploaded into 60 ImageLabels without going into them individually and uploading the images one by one

Hello fellow DevForum members!

Right now I have 60 different images that I’ve bulk imported into studio, the problem that arises for me now is that I believe there has to be a way for me to get these images uploaded into those individual ImageLabels without going into their own respective properties menu and uploading them one-by-one which can be time consuming and could at times cause human error.

Looking forward for your responses, cheers!


I sadly don’t think this is possible…

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If you have a list of the image ID’s, you can certainly write a simple script to do this:

local image_ids = {1234, 5678, …} -- Put your image ID’s in here

-- If you include the “rbxassetid://“ part in your ids list that is OK as well, you can just remove the “rbxassetid://“ part in the code as well as the “..”

local templateImageLabel = game.Workspace. templateImageLabel -- Make an image label in Workspace that looks like how you want all of the image labels look for the set of image ID’s you inserted

for index, image_id in ipairs(image_ids) do
  local newImageLabel = templateImageLabel:Clone()
  newImageLabel.Image = "rbxassetid://" .. tostring(image_id)
  newImageLabel.Parent = game.Workspace -- You can change this to wherever you want your image labels to go