Getting a Profile's About / Description Section Text

Hey, I’m A_quisition

I’m unsure if there is any way of getting the Player’s About Text, so I’ve decided to ask the DevForum

I’m impatient about finding a solution as I need it for my game

Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh well, I found the solution by myself.

Via an endpoint I assume. That is the solution that comes to mind.

How did you do it? I need this as well.

You gotta use the Roblox JSON API

Oh, yeah I figured out yesterday. I was making a game kinda like where you can see info about someone, i just sent a http request to proxy then JSONDecoded the response dictionary’s Body.

sorry for the bump

but this is really helpful ngl /s

please say the endpoint that u used to do this please. I really need to know.

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Replace ‘1’ with the ID of whatever user you wish to query.


Problem is you cant use this in any game as httpservice cannot make requests to any sites of roblox.