Getting BlastPressure and BlastRadius from kg of TNT

Are there any formula to convert kilograms of tnt to a blastpressure and blastradius value?

Hey coolalex1835,

Converting kilograms of TNT to blast pressure and blast radius can get a bit complex. However, there are simplified formulas, but they might not give exact results.

  1. Blast Pressure: For blast pressure, you can use a formula like: P = (E/V)^(1/3), where P is the pressure, E is the energy from the explosion (you can get this from the mass of TNT), and V is the volume.
  2. Blast Radius: For blast radius, a rough formula could be: R = (E/P)^(1/3), where R is the blast radius, E is the energy, and P is the pressure.

These formulas are quite basic and might help you set up a simple blast effect in your game, though they may not be super accurate.

Hope this helps!

Alright thanks! I’ve managed to write up a function to do this:

function formulae.getblast(kg_tnt: number)
	local e = kg_tnt * 4.18e6
	local v = e / (4.18e6 * 1.65e3)

	local blastPressure = (e/v)^0.33
	local blastRadius = (e/blastPressure)^0.33
	return blastPressure, blastRadius

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