Getting Player Server

This is just curiosity, is there any way to check what server does the player play? Like first server or second server etc?

I’m kinda confused on what you mean by this, so let me know if this is what you mean:

Let’s say a experience on Roblox has three running servers, with the following:

  • Server with 40/40 players
  • Server with 30/40 players
  • Server with 10/40 players

You want to, given a player, determine which one of these servers the player is in, and preferably return the number. If the player was in the server with 30/40 players, you’d return 2.

Is this what you’re referring to? I want to make sure I formulate an accurate response before given more information.

Yes, it is, you’re right. I want like this

since he hasn’t responded for a while due to your late response, I’m gonna tell you how I’d personally do things

when a server is started, any server scripts that are meant to run will do so, meaning you can run one non-looped bit of code in server script service which connects to the global datastore and assigns the script’s server a randomized server id then connect to game:BindToClose() which fires when the server is about to close which should then get rid of the server id data in the datastore to not waste permanent space

i guess you could use this for something but it’s important that you say what you wanna do first then i can help a lot more

You should try using MessagingService to send a message to all servers to check if a player is in the server, if the player is in that server then set a value the server’s jobid or something else.