Getting posts removed when they do not violate guidelines?

About a week ago I posted a thesis on how Roblox might need to start developing VR a lot more, as VR grows into more of a bigger thing that might be the main gaming platform in 10-20 years. Someone flagged it as in violation of community guidelines. It eventually got removed. I have seen many of thesis like these in #development-discussion. As far as I know it did not violate any community guidelines either so I was a bit confused when I got messaged by a staff saying it was violating the community guidelines. Any help would be appreciated, I am just a bit confused on why it got flagged and removed.

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There is new enforcement (thank god) for the Development Discussion category.

I can’t speak to the content of your thread without seeing it (you should direct this to Forum Staff, honestly) - but in regards to why many threads are being deleted, generally it is because there is a decluttering of useless threads going on. Not saying yours was one, but that’s why many have been getting removed.