Getting started with a building

(sorry if this isn’t suitable for this category)

i need a building for my game, it’s the place where the players are gonna spend most of their time.

i have no inspiration/ideas for the building

and i was wondering… how do other players get inspiration?

so i’m just asking here because i don’t know where else to ask

how do you guys get inspiration for a build


I mainly just search up images of what type of build or style I’m trying to make. I also try and find extremely high-quality builds and try to just see what they did better compared to my builds, it personally helps a lot with inspiration. But, that’s just me, to each their own.


Try searching buildings on your browser or builds that have building. 90% of the time I get inspired by playing around on studio and slowly building your creations. I think planning your build is the best solution when creating a project.


pinterest google images, real life, just anything that you see viable, copy it to the detail you want.