Getting teleported into different game

Hello! When i join my game i get teleported into different game called loading…

I checked all the scripts manually, we dont have single free model in game (Expect admin script, official one) and we are still getting teleported into different game, my question is how to stop it, or if it isnt hiding as script where it can be?


Are you sure it isn’t a fake admin script? Try removing it and see what happens.

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Allready tryed, still keeps teleporting…

Try pressing Ctrl+Shift+F and search for “TeleportService” if you find something, it’s most likely the problem.


Matching scripts 0 however thanks for this, didnt knew this exist, i think its hidden somewhere even i dont know where

Alternatively, search for require

--This an script of ROBLOX Studio. Do not delete it, this script secures your game from exploiters.


Got it! Thanks, do you know how it get into game? Like some plugin etc?

that is a backdoor i think
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Most likely a backdoor from someone, who has edit permission, or free model.

It could enter through a plugin, or someone on the team may have inserted something dubious.
These places take advantage of premium payouts to make robux. You may encounter similar places titled “FPS booster” or the like.

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can we see what the contents of the script?

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local mymodule2 = require(3667797501)



local mymodule = require(3664252382)


Also, how do i find it in explorer im searching for script but i cant find it (it haves blank name)

remove that script to fix the teleporting issue

Looks like this guy made the models

Yes, but how do i remove it im in that find results but there isnt way to remove it

Can’t you just delete it? If you can’t locate it in explorer right click on the script selection and find in explorer.

Nope, doesnt work (30 Chars limit)

Just delete the part of the script, it’s in, or delete the script definetly.