Getting the key of an objekt in a dictionary with its index [solved]

Hello Forumers,
I stumbled upon a problem and I looked around for a bit, but no answers that help me
I want to get a Key from a value with its index

local index = 1
dictionary = {
["lol"] = "?"
["lool"] = "??"
["something else"] = "..."
dictionary[1] <---- I want to know the key of this Value


you can’t index dictionaries with numbers

for _1 , rank in module.ranks do
		for _2 , playername in rank do
			if playername == Name then
				return module.ranks[_1]

has no errors and works perfectly fine

That’s a string not a number

Correction: it is the whatever type the key is (it can be a table or Instance)

oh i didn’t notice that but thanks :partying_face:

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