Getting the players backpack is so incosistent

Every time I try to get a tool (from a different script) because I just want one big client controller. Every time I try to get any tool from the local players backpack its either “Not valid member” or “Infinite yield possible”.

And sometimes it works but REALLY inconsistent. And I print the players backpack to MAKE SURE im indexing it and I am.

Any solutions?

While I’m unsure of the structure of your client code, it would be worth questioning if you’re getting the new backpack every time the player’s character is added.

To quote the Backpack API page:

Once a character dies, the Backpack is removed and a new one will be created – populating it with the contents of StarterPack and StarterGear

Make sure your code is handling this. If it is, it’s likely another problem than getting the backpack.