GFX Artist - Cheap R6 Renders

About Me

Hello! I am offering my services as a simple GFX Artist who makes renders using the R6 rig. I pose the characters in Roblox Studio, render them in Blender, and add background and text with Canva. Please note that I only do 1-4 full characters in a single GFX.


You can view some examples of my work below.


Please DO NOT copy, steal, or download my work.

Gift Card Designs


Game Icons



Profile Pictures





I am available for 1-3 hours on the weekends. You can contact me anytime, but I am unable to work on weekdays due to school. Sometimes, however, I may be able to squeeze in 30 minutes because the renders do not take too long to finish.


Prices are usually fixed at :robux:50 per GFX, and I accept this through group funds. This may change in the future.

Terms of Service

When you make the decision to buy a GFX from me, you agree to the following terms and conditions in order to have a successful purchase:

  • I have the right to decline any requests and do not have to disclose the reason(s).

  • I have the right to ask more about the reason(s) why you require my GFX if your intents are unclear.

  • Once I finish your order, I will give you a watermarked version. After you have paid me the required :robux:50, you will receive an unwatermarked version.

  • You are allowed to request changes to the final product no more than 4 times. If you still are not satisfied, a payment of :robux:15 will still be required for using my time.

These terms are subject to change.


You can contact me here on the DevForum (preferred) or on Discord at d4coded#9813 following the guidelines below.


Things to include in your message:

  • If you use a different account on the DevForum, tell me what your Roblox username is.

  • Tell me your role(s) as a developer (e.g. translator, modeler, animator, etc).

  • Tell me how many GFX designs you would like to purchase.

  • Include the details for each GFX you would like to order (e.g. background, canvas size, rig customization, text styling). You may add links and images to help me visualize what you want. If you’re including a font, please make sure it’s 100% free to use.

  • Explain why you require these designs and what you will use them for.

  • Provide the name and link of the group you will use to pay me.


Hello! I’m CoolGamer3278Alt, and my Roblox username is CoolGamer3278. I work as a programmer and game designer here in the development community. I would like to purchase 2 GFX designs from you.

For the first GFX, I would like the background to be a plain, solid black on a 512x512 canvas. You can use the Robloxian 2.0 rig, with this hat, this face, this shirt, and these pants. As for the pose, I would like it to be similar to that of the profile picture in your showcase. No text is needed for this design.

For the second GFX, I would like just my Roblox avatar’s head (including hats, hair, and face accessories) centered on a 100x100 canvas with a blue swirl background. On the bottom, I would like my Roblox username printed in this font.

I require the first GFX because I need a game icon for my very first game, and the second one is for my YouTube channel.

Here is the link to my group, Roblox, that I will use to pay you:

Thank you!


Don’t undersell your work. This is 50 robux at least. Also if you need some help with rendering DM me, I have quit GFX but got some good tips.