GFX Artist (cheap?)

About Me

Hello, I’m Dustin and I’m looking for a bit work this week. I don’t know if my prices are cheap or not because I’m really new to the devforum. I definitely try to make a bit of money but I primarily focus on advancing my skills. I started about 3 weeks ago with making GFX’s and that’s all you need to know.


What I made in the past


I live in Germany but I’m usually available from 8:00AM EST until 6-7PM EST.


Starter price 140R$, additional 70R$ per additional character on the Render… I’m not going to sell a shirt… you need a group with enough funds to pay me. Again I’m not accepting Paypal, only group funds. I’ll show you what I made watermarked to give you a proof that I fulfilled your expectations and then you have to pay me the R$ first and then I’ll send you the unwatermarked version. If there’s any GFX Artist that could tell me if the prices are too cheap or too expensive just reply please.


Just hit me up on discord for questions - Ǝlias (Dustin)#6818
I can make normal GFX’s but you need to tell me what you want me to do and I’ll tell you if I’m able to do that. The price can be higher for special wishes but I’ll tell you before that it’s going to be higher for that specific wish.

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Bro that kisame and madara hit hard keep up the work dude!

Updated my prices because I think people think that they’re too expensive. ;-;