[GFX] Critique my GFX please

Greetings! I was bored so I made this.


Seems alright to me but I’m a bit confused with the left hand.


it’s sad one’s right arm has to be sacrificed in order to be a gfx.
this GFX is pretty basic but is okay maybe the text could look better idk


Hey there! I do not make an excellent reviewer, but I’d say, maybe you should try making the face less reflective. I suppose you do have some sort of photoshop software. You can grab a soft brush and pick a suitable color and make adjustments right there. I am not quite sure what makes the render off, but it feels to me that it has been made in Roblox Studio and then in photoshop. I feel certain parts of the picture are either too bright or too shadowy.

Other than that, I cannot say exactly where things require to be altered.

The render has been made in Blender, but thanks for the review!

Something about the text bothers me? I feel you could have tried a bit harder with making it fit in

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