GFX Design Needed

About Us

We are a newer group called “Popeyes”, based off the real-life restaurant. (And no, we aren’t making real money off of it, so do not comment about copyright. Please comment only if your here for GFX.) We have owned multiple groups in the past upwards of 5k members. We are just now started a newer one. We have a development team we are just in need of a GFX designer. Mainly for the group logo, and game icons. This is can possibly be a long-term contract. It all depends on how we like your work, and we feel we can benefit on each other.

The Team
@ZayyCoercion - Founder / Builder / Scripter
@T3AMawesome - Co-Founder
@ElDoradoNugget - Head Developer

About The Job

We are looking for ONE GFX designer. We would like a designer above the age of 13, at least 3+ years of experience, professionalism, organized, good communication, and quick.


The pay is decided on how well the design is. We do not pay first to avoid scamming. Please do not ask for us to go first because we will not. You can scribble over/watermark the design before sending it to us to see if we like it so you can trust us to not steal the artwork. You will also receive a contract guaranteeing pay.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord. @ Jordxn#0001

Have a good rest of your day! God bless!


Instead you should say:
“Please send us a watermarked copy, before payment.”

Rather than saying:

As it makes it sound like YOU will scam.


By GFX Designer, do you mean someone that make 3D logos or 2D logos?

anything graphic, but also hey should be more specific.

Most GFX designers aren’t willing to give you their work without the customer paying…

how much are you willing to pay?

My portfolio is the featured topic on my profile. Just click my avatar icon and click the featured topic.
Feel free to contact me: mason!#3783 if you are interested in hiring you. I can also contact you.

In addition, I have been doing GFX for about three and a half years, and I do meet your age requirement.

I agree with you. By saying “Dont ask for us to pay first, because we will not” is an ueasy quote. I feel like YOU will be scamming US

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