GFX Designer [FOR HIRE]

Hello! My name is Liam. I’m a GFX artist from Sweden. I started to design not so long ago, and I want to get better and better along the way. I am not the best because I just started. I use FLATICON for my logos

:point_down:This is what I’ve done so far, looking for more orders to fill up my portfolio!:point_down:

Cartoony Logos



FreshCafeNew For DFR


My timezone is GMT or EST. On weekdays Im available 7-9 hours. And on weekends I am available 10-14 hours.

My prices are:
Render = 30 :robux_gold: [T-shirt: 72 :robux_gold: ]
Icons/logos = 100 :robux_gold: [T-shirt: 214 :robux_gold:]
Thumbnails = 150 :robux_gold: [ONLY Group funds]For now
Clothing: [UNAVAILABLE atm]

  • I accept group funds, t-shirts, and gift cards.

You can contact me on here @Freshz_Dev
On dizzy/discord: Stitch#1390

Extra information

  • I have the right to decline your orders
  • You must be 13+
  • Prices are negotiable, I’m really flexible with the price!

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile: Have an amazing day/night!


Can I have a render please? Thank you.

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Hello! Add me on discord! Or send me a message here!

Hello! I’m very interested in your work! I sent you a friend request on Discord. My Discord is emxilyy!#7021.