(Gfx feedback) a awards based gfx

Hello I made this gfx for the game studio I am working for because we have our awards coming up soon I just want some honest feedback lol


It looks really good but is the hair supossed to be clipping though the hat?


Yea that’s just how my avatar looks tbh

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Well, the GFX looks good.
Though I would say, you should fix the GFX’s arms because it dosen’t look too fitting for it’s appearance.
Overall, you did a good work on your GFX and I appreciate it honestly.


Honestly, It could use work. But for a beginner it would be start. Now of course I have no idea what rendering program you are using so what I am about to say you could watch tutorials on that.

So the main thing that can make a render look just…not good. Is the 1. Lighting, 2. Texturing (unless your a digital painter textures are not really needed).

Problem: The lighting is harsh, bright and unnatural, then the texturing on the character is also unnatural.

So with lighting the normal is there is 3 types.

  1. The key light, this will the be the main lighting on the subject. This can be anywhere you choose, This will tend to be either the brightest or 2nd brightest on your render. I like placing them off to the side of my character.

  2. Fill light. This will get rid of any harsh shadows or blacks in the render. This light is typically going to be opposite of the key light so it hits where the Key Light isn’t. Keep in mind this light will have to have a darker brightness. For example if my Key Light brightness is 80% I’ll put my fill on 40-50%, but this is your personal preference.

  3. Rim Light. This is the light that really makes the renders pop out at you. Almost everyone like’s these lights and it’s what the pros do. So for this light make it behind the character, but it can also be offset to a side of the character behind him.

Texturing -
There isn’t much to say here since texturing is hard to explain when not being shown it outright and not knowing the program. But just think about working on Reflections and Bump maps in order to get a more realistic feel.

But of course watch some tutorials on things in order to get more experience or just play around, in your program and figuring things out. Work on making full scenes, not just renders on a png background, play around with lights, textures, and whatever else. But um, hopefully I didn’t come across as to harsh but if your just starting it can be pretty good.