GFX Noise Help?

I’ve been having a look through some of my older models and i came across a GFX i made around 3-ish months into learning how to 3D Model.

At the time I had a strange philosophy around not using rigs I hadn’t made because I felt it would make the GFXs something that i had not completely made myself, so instead I resorted to ripping limbs of the avatars and posing them manually.

Onto the main point of this, I wanted to re-render the image since the resolution was relatively low, but the noise is very prevalent, for me noise isnt usually an issue but in this instance it very visible.


Does anyone have any solutions to reduce noise?


Can’t you just add a denoiser or something, in blender I think you can do this, but there are other softwares as well

Enable denoising for renders and viewport

If you’re using Blender, they have awesome options for denoising! You can learn more about it here:

If you have a newer Nvidia card, you can try the new OptiX AI Denoising, which is even better!

I find cycle’s noise remover helped a lot and so did this video. Best of luck to you!

(There are more videos like this on YT)