GFX Poster For My Game - Need Feedback

Made this today for one of up-coming games. How can I improve?


Ignore the black bar in middle of the screen idk why thats there :skull::skull:


Pretty cool, I think darkening the background or blurring it a bit will make it better.


I think pushing out the Earth a bit farther and blurring it would be okay.
Tilt the heads of the characters a bit upwards and make the lever closer to the cam to make it the center of attention/emphasis.

Hopefully this helps!


Please render this with the materials enabled. Make sure your model’s Auto Smooth feature is set properly, and that you are rendering with Cycles (or Eeveee with SSR enabled).

Plus, make the handle have a metallic texture.

Other than that, it looks good.


Try adding textures to the switch in the middle, make it metallic and maybe make the earth a little smaller so all of it can be in frame.

Also you should practice on improving the posing, try searching for “floating pose” (or something like that) on google and try to recreate it, make it feel more alive.

For the lighting I think it’s nice.

Otherwise, good job!


I’d zoom out the earth and blur it a bit, it’s way too zoomed in and that’s where my focus immediately went to, instead of the characters or the switch.

Also, what’s going on with the red hair guy? His hair kinda looks like a bag/cloth + his face just doesn’t look right. I’d change them both. And the guy on the right has a dislocated arm? If you didn’t already, I’d use a blender rig.

Otherwise, this is a very nice GFX, keep up the good work!


It’s an interesting idea, but not well visible and the focus is not apparent. The rendering is the problem, it’s very plain and dry, especially caused by the shadowing. Good job in general though.

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This GFX looks very good! I like the graphics and lighting of it. Nice job on this!