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Greetings all!
This is Uniqueoq! I am proud to sell shadow faces of roblox players! Shadow faces are basically GFX, but they are like GFX of player faces. They are suitable for pfp’s in discord, twitter, youtube, and more!

So, for people who need shadow faces, I am here to sell some! This is just a brief summary, but if you are in need of a shadow face, then contact me via devforums or discord!



I charge 50 robux per GFX or asset.
They are packed with high quality shading and detail. Also, if you want a certain gear on the shadow face, please put it on and then tell me what not to delete, because shadow face GFX are simple and asthetic. Please tell me to keep a certain gear that is equipped on the FACE, not the body parts below.

Thanks for reading!!

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Are you able to add examples of some so we know what they look like?

Please add screenshots of your previous work, this is needed for people willing to buy from you. Also to see how good you are at what you do.

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Well, I try to share them privately through discord, because some people may take my work, and I don’t know how to have watermarks without getting a red pen on a editor to make a huge line going across.

Try using transparent text or colors that slightly stands out on your art. It’s honestly not too hard to make watermarks.

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