GFX Tools Other Than Blender

Hello! I am trying to be able to create GFX, or create more accurate models, but I don’t want to download blender. What is the next best 3D modeling tool other than Blender?

The next best software would be C4d. The only downside is that it $94.99 /month…
But for starting out I wouldn’t recommend C4d. I’m not sure why you don’t want to choose blender as it is free and very easy to learn…

Here’s a picture I found off google. Maybe this will help.


SolidWorks could work to a certain extent I believe.

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I’m pretty sure your only options besides blender if you wanna be a roblox dev is maya(modelling only) and c4d both of which I think you need to pay. Pirating is an option but I highly disadvice it for many reasons. So blender is practically your only option if you dont got the money.

Thank you I will check that out!

Thank you so much for helping me!

Very useful! Thank you! I will try to use these programs.

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I really don’t think Maya would be right for rendering. I think Maya and Cinema 4D are the best for animating. (better than Blender atleast)