“Ghost messages” appearing in my inbox

Page URL: https://www.roblox.com/my/messages/#!/inbox
Browser version: Chrome for windows 90.0.4430.93
Impact: low
Frequency: Consistently
Date First Experienced: 4/30/21
Date Last Experienced: 5/2/21

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Go to the roblox home page
  2. Click on the menu bar
  3. You should see a few messages in your inbox
  4. When you open your inbox you should see no unread messages

It should happen sort of like this:

Expected Behavior: It should show me the correct amount of unread messages
Actual Behavior: If all of my messages are read it will show me three, but if I have any unread messages it will add 3 to the number of unread messages.

Workaround: Archive all messages and log out then log back in. This should force reset your messages.


Cannot replicate.

I assumed most people wouldn’t/didn’t have this issue as I couldn’t find any topics on this issue. At first I assumed it was a device issue, but it also happens on safari for mobile, and on the mobile app.

Haven’t had this with messages to my knowledge but I experience it with friend requests. My notifications constantly tell me I received multiple friend requests each day but in the friends tab they are all missing, even got some in game that I can’t accept because I cannot find them afterwards.

It could be from the same source. I have to many friend requests to keep track of each one so I don’t know if friends is also bugged for me, I only can verify it for messages.

Could it be that your extension is interfering?

The only extension I have is roblox plus, and a lot more users would be having that issue if roblox plus was doing it. I’ve also tested it on mobile with no extension and on the mobile app and still have the issue.

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Doesn’t matter how many friends you have to verify it, as long as you’ve gotten a notification once (like that thing in the top right most people never check). Check if one of the people in friend notifications is in your friend requests, that’s how I first noticed. My messages may be glitched as well, my last message was months ago.

The best way to check of your messages is glitched it to add your self to a group payout then remove it. I found out due to me doing tons of trading, so in return I got tons of messages. I might try verifying the friend glitch later though.

I’m having this issue as well.

This is happening for me on the latest version of the Android 11 app. Very frustrating, it’s driving me crazy.

It can’t be a local issue then, must be something on roblox’s side. Do you know if it happens only on the app or on the website to?

i just checked my messages, and to remove the notifications i just had to mark all as read (u gotta do it for every page though) so i dont think its a bug…

I did this already. I’ve confirmed with DevRel that this is a bug, not a user error:

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So I kind of solved this on my own. After archiving all of my messages and logging out then logging back in it seemed to force refresh my messages. Odd that it wouldn’t work if I marked all messages as read.

that happens to me i have 527 ghost messages even if i marked them as read they wont go away

Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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