Giant bulldozer: Overly violent?

Making a scenario where the player saves a military installation from a town-level threat. The current plan is for it to be a giant bulldozer with saw blades. The tone would be serious, and the bulldozer would look intimidating, but there would be no depictions of it hurting anyone or anything even if the player fails the mission. Do you think this would run the risk of being moderated? And if so, is there another “town-level” threat I could use that would be more family-friendly?

From what I gather, the only section in the community rules that may cause an issue here is the one on “overly violent” content. I’m not sure what specifically constitutes “overly” violent versus not-overly violent, so if you have some insight on that, that would also be appreciated.

I’m no Roblox moderator, but I highly doubt it. If it’s just sitting there then it’s nothing egregious…

If we have tanks in the UGC then I’m pretty sure a bulldozer is fine. :yum:


No, I don’t think so. But, then again, it depends on how realistic the saw blades are, but even then it wouldn’t be that much of a problem unless you put blood or a really gruesome animation. As far as I can tell, you’re fine.

I’m pretty sure its fine. If there’s mega fun obbies with zombies eating the player as one of the obstacles, then a giant bulldozer should be good.

It all depends on the narrative. It’s not very easy to picture what you have in mind here, but if it’s just decor and it’s not violent, then you won’t be running a risk. What is the giant bulldozer supposed to do in the scenario? Does the player control this or is it an idle part of the map? A bit more context, or maybe even a mockup of what you have in mind, would help.

Just something to note, since I disagree with the responses above me: don’t use another game’s circumstances and hold them against your own. Just because another game is doing something that seems more violent than yours, it doesn’t clear your idea. Everything is handled on a case-by-case basis. Others’ circumstances are not the same as your own. You will commonly see this kind of response when asking if something’s okay with moderation; it’s not good advice.

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This bulldozer would be a kaiju-sized machine built to demolish a town. Its purpose is to create a high stakes scenario in the story. The player would never see it cause any harm because the player will either disable it from the inside, or they will fail the mission and restart. The saws might be whirring but it wouldn’t be moving around at all.

The violent nature would be in the potential destruction it could cause and not in anything literally depicted, because of course that would be shocking, tragic imagery.

If a giant intimidating truck with sawblades can be in an E-rated game

Then a giant bulldozer with sawblades can be in Roblox.