Gift shop .rbxm (Can't Access)


This game is for either hanging out with friends, making friends, or vibe in the game! :smile:
You can find secrets or fun gadgets in the game!
VR is supported in R15 only!
Only R6 NPCS can get pushed or some can’t get pushed.
People who were added are people who joined and supported me.
This game is a remake of my old game and brings memories back from having some people enjoy and have fun in my game.



Early opening


:no_good_man: No exploiting or glitching!
:white_check_mark: Follow the Roblox TOS!
:no_entry: Do not bully!
:white_check_mark: Listen to mods!
:no_entry: Do not abuse any Rank!
:no_entry: No Scamming!