GirleMango | Clothing Commissions [CURRENTLY CLOSED]

Hello there! My name is GirleMango and I am a clothing designer. I have been doing so for two and a half years, by using the program paint net. I also have 120k+ clothing sales, and a Homestore with over 1 Million visits. I typically upload all of my clothing to my profile, instead of on to a group.
I mainly base my work and showcases on Twitter, which is where I originally reached out to a larger audience of clothing customers.

Here are some things I can do in correlation to creating my clothing:

  • Utilize shading to replicate realistic clothing folds, creases and other details
  • Use a range of colors to create a variety of outfit styles
  • Spot where things may be uneven, to help keep things symmetrical and/or keep the detailing neat and precise
  • Explore different techniques to help when designing more diverse outfits

Please take a look at some previous showcases from a small fraction of my outfits I have designed in the past:

Outfits I've made within the past year


I recently created a commission sheet for anyone who would like to order some clothing from me!

Sending references/color palettes to help give me an idea of the clothing you have in mind is always helpful!

Please note that I don’t work for groups - only if there are specific pieces being commissioned from me and resold by the group itself.

As well as the styles shown on the sheet, I can create:

  • Merchandise (However with the limited use of text to prevent illegibility)
  • Group Uniforms (Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants, etc)
  • Formal wear (Tuxedos, Detailed dresses, etc)
  • Accessory-matching outfits

On the other hand, I will not make:

  • Army/Military wear
  • Remakes of other designer’s outfits (unless permission is given by them)
  • Anything containing logos/brands that are copyrighted
  • Pieces of clothing that do not follow Roblox’s TOS

If you order a commission from me, I will show you a watermarked version of the outfit when I am finished, then payment will be given. Once you have paid I will upload/give you the unwatermarked version of the clothing. However, if you fail to give payment I will upload the outfit for myself.

Contacting me:
You can either message me on Discord or Twitter. If messaging via discord, send me a friend request and I’ll do my best to accept & respond to you.

Discord - @GirleMango#3687
Twitter - @GirleMango


We cant send you a message as you have private messaging disabled on Discord, the only way to speak with you is by sending you a friend request, followed by you accepting it.

Ah okay, I’ll see if I can fix the post.