Give feedback on how to improve this building. Its a factory

— New edit : 1 more photo —

For this several days im building this big factory. In the photo you’ll see is only a hall. You might question ‘how is this related to factory?’. Well short answer, its a hall for the factory creation showcase. Basically like an exhibition hall. Im trying to improve the hall so much but i kinda still see it ‘plain’ and ‘too blocky’,‘less structured’.

Help me out on the sculpture and design.
No im not asking to fill the factory up. I intentionaly leave the factory a bit empty because im focusing on the design first.

Here’s a lot of a photo :

P.S Off-Topic question, i hope you don’t mind. How do you make a spoiler tab here?

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Hello! I think this looks a little out of place:

And maybe add a little bit of lighting, a few of those areas look a bit dark.

Im asking for the design and the sculpture feedback.

Though anyway thanks for the reminding. I’ll try to consider it.

Overall, you’ve done a great job of giving the player a “factory vibe”. I do feel that lighting within the build is very spotty however.

It looks like you’re going for an empty factory look, so placing surface lights (like in the picture below) in the middle of the structure can help provide some contrast. Right now, the factory seems very flat so proper lighting can establish a sense of size and scale. Depending on the type of build you’re going for, I feel like the orange gears can be moved downwards a bit as well.

As for the room with tables and chairs (I’m going to assume it’s a cafeteria), I do like how you inset the roof in the middle. I also appreciate the use of lighting at the corners of the room, but I feel that it could use better positioning. If you take a look at the photo below, you can see how the designers placed the lights so that the area was evenly lit, giving it more of a lively feel. In addition, the seating arrangement is varied. While it is possible to pull off the seating layout that you currently have, I feel like varied seating will help to make the cafeteria a bit more “human” and “lived in”. The plants at the corners of the room are also a nice detail, but they would give more impact if there was more variety in the size, shape, color, and positioning of them. The flooring feels a little strange to me, because it’s not scaled down like a normal tile that you would see in real life.

I’m sure I sound like a broken record at this point, but lighting is extremely important. I’m again not sure about the type of mood you are trying to set, whether that be an eerie tone or a cheery one. Putting a couple of spotlights pointing to the bookshelves in the library will help again give a sense of scale. The bookshelves also seem a bit too tall compared to the player. The color scheme and color of the brick flooring does not go well together in this room either. I think a lighter tone combined with some carpet would suit this room a lot better.

I do realize that you are only focusing on the design aspect of the buildings right now, but I feel like proper lighting will help give the player a sense of immersion within the structure. A more consistent use of color will help with immersion as well. Currently, everything is hard to see because the photos provided are taken in such dark environments. This is a great start though, and I can’t wait to see more progress.


Thank you for your detailed observation. I will response to several of your point that caught my attention

  1. The bookshelf is too high
    That was intentional. Made like that to store a lot of book in a small space.
  2. The cafeteria (Yes you are right, it is haha.)
    Thank you for your notice about the flooring. Only now i noticed that it is too big so i will fix it. And about the chair and the table, i will rework on that. Thanks alot
  3. The lightning
    Now that you mention it. It might be a good idea to brighten the place a bit for easier observation. I’ll try put several.


Extra information : in case some of you wondering how big is the factory. Here’s the comparison between me and the building

Don’t worry about that. The game is first person and it looks fine when you look it in first person perspective.

The echo in the building must be extreme lol
Anyway, I think little details make a big diffrence

Can you explain what do you mean with ‘little detail’? I would like to hear your suggestion.

Little details are things that people can just look at, like painting or such. They don’t usually serve a purpose except from decoration.

I added one more photo here.
Tell me if the sculpture and wall design are good. Could help me get even better in the future