Give feedback on my reworked game!

I want feedback for the rework of a game I have previously released. The original game did not perform well after release. I put a lot of effort into the game, and it’s lack of uplift shocked me, making me really consider what I did wrong, and change a lot of things.

While I have improved the game, what can I do to ensure this reworked version of the game performs well once it is released? Give me tips, pointers and criticism. I want real feedback.

Quadrants Rework (WIP) - Roblox

note: features like datastores and ui are not fully finished yet, and may not work. despite this, they should not be game breaking. if the game stops working, message me about it on guilded or roblox

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The game is a pretty fun experience. With everything that’s in the game, so far, I think a lot of players will want to play it. I knew right away, upon joining, that the game was worth the time to check out because it stands out amongst other games that have little to no content. But to retain players for weeks or months, you will need more content than what the game currently contains. Everything in the game could be expanded on. All parts of your game are interesting, you just have to decide which parts of the game will be more interesting and fun if you add to those part.

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