Give feedback on this tutorial (Ninja game)

Tutorial for a game I’m working on. Link below. Any and all feedback is appreciated.


The tutorial was good for a ninja warrior. Keep it up.

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I have a few points/questions to make that you should take into consideration:

  • It states you should try not to get yourself killed in the beginning. I stood in the midst of the chaos and I did not receive a single hit-point of damage. What precisely is the point of having that message if you can’t get damage during that part.
  • You can take damage from Ninja Bot S. But you can’t die. What precisely is the point of that. I understand the fact it’s a tutorial, but why?
  • The lack of a tick sound when the text is appearing in the dialogue gives a weird feeling. You should probably look into adding a little sound for each time a text-character appears.
  • The cursor at the end of which you need to wait for it to finish moving before proceeding is painfully slow. A speed up on that would be very nice.

Thanks for posing your tutorial for feedback. I’ve tried my best to discern what can be improved.


  • The AIs aren’t very intelligent. Their movements are sporadic and if this is a tutorial – i.e., representative of the game itself – I don’t see the game itself posing much of a challenge.
  • The Flip tool is glitchy. I trapped myself in a wall.
  • There is far too much text at the top of the screen. The Arial font is pervasive and annoying, as is the fact that someone in the tutorial has to discern its whiteness from all the other bright colours in the room. Seeing the text there – especially in a position that essentially forced me to look up rather than enjoy the tutorial – just made me want to do something else.
  • I didn’t actually get a reward at the end.
  • The AIs are poorly animated.


  • Re-scripting the AI as well as the Flip tool.
  • Redoing the text at the top to be less pervasive; add more colour, an outline, embolden it, make the font size consistent all the way through. You could even spice it up like the old Nintendo games did back in the old days with someone talking at the bottom. the UI itself needs colour.
  • As a builder, this struck me: make the place more aesthetic! No offence, but it’s boxy and overly colourful. The colours should be subdued, cool, slightly warm but not too much…rather than pervasive blue and red, etc. It will give the new UI, preferably in a light shade of pink (think cherry trees) a crisp and modern edge. Fortunately, you can colour bricks with RGB now rather than being constricted solely to BrickColors so this helps.

Good luck with your game!


Very well made


Somnar has given a pretty good critism, However most point is about the game itself and not really the tutorial to a extent,

1] The Information text is indeed quite annoying, the style is way too mainstream, also, even if i consider the speed slow aswell, i’d say this would be ok as kids may not read as fast.

2] AIs was mentionned, though i feels like it was ok, unfortunate that they are barely animated but it’s just a Tutorial and not used -ingame itself, so it’s presentable somehow.

3] Rooms was kinda weird aswell, personally the only real struggle was the size, aside the boss one, it wasn’t suitable for multiple NPC fighting on it.

4] Tutorial on Codes was really slow, accelerate the tween about x1.6 faster

Overall i would say the tutorial was decent as it’s doing a good job explaining the basis, Not really tutorial-advice but it lacked Visuals and was slow-paced (boring) in general so you may loses players during your finished game upon the tutorial being played.

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Over all, the tutorial is pretty well made. I would only change two parts.

As others have already mentioned, you should be able to die or at least take damage in all parts of the tutorial for consistancy.

During the part after you walk over the wall, although the flag is right there, there is nothing telling you to go onto it. Again, in terms of conistancy, you should change this so that it tells you to touch the flag. This may not be nescessary, but since it was in the other sections with flags in some way, it would seem smoother to do it on that one too.


You clipped into a wall with the Flip tool? What circumstances lead to that?
It’s just that this tool has been in use for about six months and I don’t recall this issue happening before.

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The flip tool is a bit awkward so you could change that.
Also, the text is a bit hard to read with that background so changing the font/background and adding outlines would help make it easier to read.

Your tutorial in general is pretty good though.

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