Give Feedback to Help me Polish my Sandbox Game

I am working on a wilderness sandbox survival game. It is close to being done but I want some feedback. Mainly, I am looking for feedback on:

What’s confusing about the game?

What’s annoying about the game?

Are there any glitches?

Are there any ways I could make the UI/Quality of Life better?

Any comments that you have, as well.

Thank you, the link is [Beta] Roughin' It: Wilderness Survival - Roblox

Okay sure, I’ll see it. I’m sure it’s great.

Now there are a few things I have to say from first impressions. I didn’t spend to much time in the game because no one really has time anymore so keep that in mind.

First thing, I hate to be this guy but the UI should get an improvement. A few things can be done to help the UI look better. Firstly, adding or simplifying details on the UI and by that I do not mean just rounding the UI, what I mean is to maybe remove borders, change colours so they don’t contrast as much with the text, adding details to each Gui to differentiate from each other and stuff like that. If you don’t exactly understand what I’m trying to say, maybe take some notes from Super Bomb Survival, as that has a lot of examples of good looking UI: Super Bomb Survival - Roblox. Another thing I could also with the UI is placement. First thing to do is to correct it’s alignment on different platforms, and the second thing to do is to strategically place the UI so more of the important things like health, items, tutorial boxes, map etc. into places that the player can quickly glance during crucial times. I guess you can see this with Super Bomb Survival.

With gameplay, I think the gameplay concepts are very interesting, and since a lot of them seem very complex, I have to give you a lot of credit for including a tutorial level for new players. What you can do is to make them feel a lot more fleshed out by adding animations and sounds with actions or events. For example, instead of immediately showing a tutorial text before removing after a while, you slide it down the screen and after a while slide it back up off the screen, or maybe add a fluid animation of when you swing an axe. One more thing before getting onto visuals is that the ai… kind of isn’t too good. Spiders be walking on water, wolves walk in circles and that I can’t do much to defend myself from them because I can’t damage them with an axe or anything. Improving the ai and animations on these creatures would be very good

And finally visuals, and I think this can give the most polish in your game. First thing is to change the tone. Currently it is very bright during day time and very strange during the night time because of how you can see everything because of the contrast from the ground and the sky. You can improve this by adding colour correction, different skies and other fancy effects (Please not blur and depth of field, they absolutely suck) with some adjustments to the brightness to make the daytime look both visually appealing and visually different from a lot of other Roblox games. You could also add black fog during night time to fix my earlier critique. Talking about fog, you can probably add different fog colours and amounts in different climates e.g. grassland has fog from large distances away with a colour that represents the sky (you can perform this with “atmosphere” object in lighting) and in cold regions have very dense fog with grey or white colours.

Overall, well done on finishing the basis of the game, as finishing something is not an easy task to finish. Now once you finish polishing the game up, it will very well be a very appealing and fun game.

EDIT: I accidently replied to hecker, its a mistake and now I feel really dumb

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Okay so immediately I noticed the axe swinging animation. Try moving the torso as well to make it more alive. (For the axe swinging animation)

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Another thing is getting materials. If this is a “survival” game, then you’d need to make the trees and rocks have a durability limit, so that players can’t infinitely get materials from the same rock or tree. Adding a decent sized Durability (or health) meter GUI for the trees and rocks would also be pretty cool. Also, try adding more music! As of now, roblox players cannot publish audio. However, you can search some pretty calm and peaceful music. Roblox actually has some good music sometimes. Or if you could download it from maybe a YT video (If the video has a copyright, don’t use it, or you Roblox will give you a warning. Or worse. Banned.). If you know how to make your own music using programs off of the web, or having good music tools to use and good audio recording, then you can do that too and download your audio you made.

I also forgot to mention, once the Durability (or health) bar reaches 0, or the bar is no longer green, and is gray (This is just an example) then the rock gets destroyed, or the tree is destroyed, and so on.

Thank you. This is exactly the feedback I am looking for, I know I am especially bad at making UI so this will help me a lot. I will also consider implementing your other feedback as well :slight_smile:

I actually do have durability, but instead of being destroyed, it doesn’t allow the player to get resources from it for a certain amount of time. But now that you’ve said it, I do agree with you that it is very hard to tell. I will make it show how much resource is left. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Hey, could you send a screenshot of what you meant by correcting it’s alignment on different platforms? I am using size instead of offset so I didn’t think that would be a problem.

There’s not really a screenshot I can show you to explain what I mean. Basically, other platforms like phones and tablets have different resolutions than on pc, which means that UI has different sizes and positions to cater with the different resolution. Because of this, UI on say PC will look incorrect on an iPhone because the values of UI for PC was not catered for an iPhone. You can search up tutorials online on how to automatically change the sizes and positions of UI to fit the screen being played on automatically. I’m on the go right now, so I can’t exactly give you the best explanation on it, but hope this helps.

I am using size instead of offset, I think that is supposed to fix the problem. Did it actually happen to you, or are you theorizing? If it did happen, please send a screenshot. I tried on various different aspect ratios and it worked fine.

The problem has happened to me before, but since I haven’t worked with gui in a long time I’ve forgotten the solution. If using size instead of offset works for you, that must be the solution.

Could you join again just to make sure it’s fixed? It’s very strange because I was using size even before you joined, so it should’ve fixed the problem.

Alright, it seems to be working now. I played on both pc and tablet and the GUI seemed to fit both screens good.