Give me feedback on my house!

Hello my name is r3x9 (jlnxy)

This is my first forum post!

I’ve been working on this little decoration house, it’s not finished since I still need to add a roof.

Please give me some feedback or some tips or things I should change!

Game link if you would like to explore: [FOR SALE] Cartoony House - Roblox


The windows and door dont match - i would change that. I think the windows look way better than the door, so i would make then all that pastel yellow colour & do criss-crosses for the door window too…

I knew something was wrong with that door lol! I’ll look into changing the door window and the light colors.

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Welcome to the forum.
Looks decent but the roof looks all kinds of janky.
The door definitely doesn’t fit and some of the colors just… look wrong.
I went in game and looked at the windows and they’re colliding, you should use resize align to fix this.
hope this helped

I havent gotten to add a roof yet so that’s why it looks like that, I’m not good at making roofs lol.

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