Give me ideas for the next map I should put in my Sword Battle game!

I need a few ideas! Tell me any I will look into them thanks!

A SFOTH remade is one idea. Maybe try that? I don’t really have others in mind.

Good luck though.

Could we have some more information on the style of your game. Screenshots of your current maps would be nice. This will help us give you better ideas that fit with the current theme of your game. Please use this format when posting: About the Building Support category.

Map ideas:

  • You could have a jungle map with a fallen tree over a ravine.

  • You could have a map in space where there is not much gravity so you jump for higher and loner. This could be set on the moon or it could be on some asteroids

  • You could have a volcano map where there is lots of lava everywhere. This will add an element of challenge as the player could die in the lava.

  • You could have an underwater map with Atlantis as the main feature.

I hope I have gave you some nice idea. If you get stuck in the future go and look at some existing maps and try and get an idea from there. Also try and think of an idea of a map that no one has tried yet. Good luck on your game!

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Aside from that, dueling systems should be nice, target locking and such.

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In that case then, carry on.

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