Give me ideas on Games so I Can Learn

Hi I’m not sure this belongs here but I want to create a game but I don’t know a lot, a lot of people say that I should create a game so ill learn but I don’t know what game to create

Also tell me Where this post belongs


Reading the Roblox DevHub can help you alot on finding out how to create games. Watching Youtube Video tutorials can help too. Exploring topics created in the DevForum that have solutions to their problems can also help you out, if your not sure your code is working correctly or if your confused about what it does.


There is many good tutorials on YouTube explaining many of the topics when creating a game. When you create a game, you must keep in mind you will need to script, build, animate and so on. (Depends of course on the game) YouTube and Roblox DevHub explains it all. After some time learning and you feel like you have enaugh knowledge to create your own game, you can start with something simple. (But you could try to challenge yourself) Also remember to learn from your mistakes and see what you can do better! :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you feel like you dont know enough to create a game, you can look at open sourced projects and free models. That’s how I learned back in late 2014 when there really wasnt many resources for scripters. Once I started piecing together bits and parts of free models and modifying things I started to familiarize myself with the language and API. Then, I was able to understand the Wiki tutorials and learn even more.

What I would do is take a look at some open sourced projects and mess with free models trying to modify them. If it’s your first time making a game it will really help. Once you understand more you can use the dev hub tutorials. For specific things, YouTube can be great.

As for what game to make? That’s up to you. Make something you want to play. Round based games are a good learning experience for beginners as well. Good luck to you! :slight_smile: