Give me some feedback on this practice GFX

So I haven’t touched blender in ages so I decided to make this practice on based off this reference:




Here’s what I made:

What I Created

I appreciate any feedback, thanks!


Looks great! Fair bit of blood which might be reported by someone unless the red stuff that looks like blood is tomato sauce.

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Not gonna lie, not too bad. But might be reported for the too much blood.

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YOOOOO that looks lit bro! 1 thing is the lighting is kinda weird might have to fix it and also have a watermark so others cant steal it.

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Thanks @AustnBlox and @Xttemp . It’s not supposed to be blood, it’s supposed to be from the monster. It looks a lot like blood though I will say.

@Qinrir I do have a watermark in the bottom left corner, and I agree with you about the lighting. I wasn’t too happy with how the environment turned out on this one so that’s something I would like to improve upon in the future.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Ah I see. Well I didnt saw it lol.

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Good job! It looks quite similar, but could use some effects. 8/10

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What you created looks like a miniature version just because it doesn’t have enough shadows. I also think some snow falling in the background would be nice.

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