Giving a group of players their own specific spawn location

I am making a game like fall guys where all the players spawn into the game place at once however I want to give every player their own spawn location and when they are moved into the map each player is on a different spawn location. I don’t even know where to get started just wondering if anyone has some ideas.

so you want a lobby (holding room) for the players inbetween games or you want to do it like theres a hub map and then a whole bunch of people get teleported into a game at once, once they are all loadng into the game you want to have a root position and then for each player that loads into the game spawn them at that position then increment the position of that location so that they all spawn near eachother but in like an incremental line

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Well both actually I already have a waiting lobby but each round there’s a new map and just like you said each player has an assigned spawn location for that map and everyone is teleported at once each round.

if you have placed like spawn nodes down you could put a bool value inside them, name it taken and set it to true if you put a player there so only one player will spawn there (so you will loop over the spawn nodes and find an empty one for each player to spawn at)

Eyo, So basically put a timer to your script and if the timer reaches the time that you put in put a loop to the workspace getting a children of Models and put a Model:MoveTo() to the specific location. However, If you want to base the role in group to move it’s character to the specific location do if player:GetRoleInGroup(the group you wanna define roles) == "the role" then player.Character:MoveTo(specific location)