Gladiator Battlegrounds [ Modelers Needed ]

Looking for a Modeler. You must be able to work with us on this game, and you are going to need to make armor, swords, and other things relating to Gladiators. The game is based around hand to hand, or weapon combat. The swords do not need to be that detailed, as in the gladiator times the weapons they were given were as bad as their treatment.


Know how to utilize your talents to model.
Professional but willing to have fun with our development team.


Payment: Game Profit %

I see alot of potential here, Add me on discord: YellowBannana898#0913

Apologies. We can not. Reason for this being is a little lack of funding, so.

Based off of effort put into the game.

Apologies! We just found a modeler.

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