Gladiator Minigames Update Log & Credits

Update Log

10/17/20 - Version 1.0

Finally released GLAD!



Stormcell - Programmer, Design
Bobbysayhi - Project Manager, Map Design, VFX

TrustMeImRussian - Lobby/Stadium Creator
Typebyte - Lead Map Creator
HacesRBLX - UIs/Renders
FootBa11 - Custom Swords
Sencives - Bloxy Bar

Shepp2004 - Soundtrack
restartedwiz - Soundtrack

L0rdRampage - Logo Creator
RipperGFX - Icon/Thumbnail
MattX356 - Thumbnail

Andrevk26 - Map Creator
ClarkVulpes - Map Creator

Thank you to everyone who helped with this game, if I accidently left you out contact me.

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