Glassato - Public Handbook

Glassato is a cafe based group within the business industry on the Roblox platform. We offer a diversity of meals, beverages, pastries, and coffee. With a thriving community, we are committed to fulfilling the enjoyment of our customers to our staff. Glassato strives to display an experience like no other; satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Warning Guide
Advanced Barista Guide
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Essential Information

1 - Glassato is an English speaking group. Unspecified languages are not supported due to our staff and moderators, not understanding.

2 - If you’re banned, you’re authorized to forward a ban appeal to a Chief Executive Officer. You’ll receive a response within the following 48 hours. After you appeal this ban, you cannot receive another ban, or you will be suspended.

3 - Want to form an ally with us? Join our Discord server, head over to the #server-information channel, then submit an application!

4 - Ban appeals are also accessible on our Discord server. Please make sure to notify a Chief Executive Officer once you’ve submitted a ban appeal.

5 - If you applied for the Beginner role at our Application Center, please make sure to wait 48 hours before notifying a Middle-Rank. Furthermore, if you would like to receive a Beginner role, you have the option to attend an interview session.

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