Gleam Dentist [HANDBOOK]

Welcome to the Gleam Dentistry Handbook!


  1. Must Follow RBX TOS in our games!
  2. Mass Spam is not allowed and will result in a server ban!
  3. Please be respectful to fellow players of the game. This includes respecting others’ opinions. Usernames that are intended to harass another player and serve no other purpose are not allowed and will result in a server ban.
  4. A SHR has a right to question and take action against you!
  5. DO NOT surround a SHR when in game, It’s hard as they are trying to moderate, supervise or host a shift.
  6. Exploiting, Chat/Username Bypassing will result in a PermBan
  7. If banned for 3 kicks, mass spam, and many other possible reasons creating an “ALT” account is prohibited and a HR has a right to server ban you if they have a suspicion the account is an alt.
  8. Do not question higher ranks and do not get in the way when they’re moderating, dealing with a situation ect.
  9. Our games have an “Anti Admin Abuse” system when you run a ABUSIVE command containing all it will server ban you, notify the server then log into our Admin Abuse Logs for an SHR to demote and pban.
  10. Any reports, report it to an HR+.
  11. Caps abuse, trolling act is a warning! At Max warns (3 warnings) A Staff Assistant+ can kick you.


  1. Must follow all guest rules.
  2. Admin abusing is PROHIBITED
  3. If you’re suspended, demoted etc. Found re-applying will result in a blacklist!
  4. Treat customers with respect even if they’re frustrating you.
  5. Don’t question higher ranks.

Staff Links!

Rank Information: Trello
Training Times: Trello
Staff & Guest Important: Trello

Group Link: Gleam Dentistry - Roblox


Staff Assistant: Coming soon!
Trainee: Application Center - Roblox