Glider: Revamp Update

Big changes and new features

  • The entire game has been re-scripted.
  • Brand new Datastore if you lost data walk up to the “Recover Data NPC” he’s located at spawn.
  • Custom characters on gone! you now glide around using your own Roblox Character.
  • Glider Speed and Glider Boost Speed settings are remade they are now draggable bars.
  • The game now works on the Roblox desktop app.
  • You can now walk on the ground under the water.
  • New Anti-Exploit.
  • Brand new music system.
  • Quest system has been remade.
  • Brand new Donation leaderboard.
  • Brand new building to hold the Donation leaderboard and the donate list.
  • There are now NPCs next to the Donations leaderboard and next to the RIngs leaderboard the NPCs change the #1 player.
  • Loads more…

Smaller changes and features

  • Brand new Ui updates.
  • Leaderboard has been re-scripted obviously and now works.
  • Mobile much smoother and responsive now.
  • You now get 1,000 Yuans for completing Gyatso’s Quest instead of the previous 500.
  • New setting to change the time between Day and Night.
  • Recover Data system has been remade.
  • Removed /kick command in VIP servers.
  • Brand new Glider icon/logo.
  • Changed Recover Data NPC to the original Glider character.
  • Increased Yuan amount.
  • Settings save
  • Loads more…

Bug and lag fixes

  • All previous bugs should be fixed
  • All previous lag issues should be fixed

New Gamepass

  • 2x Boost Speed has been remade. If you own this you will be able to drag the boost speed slider all the way to the other side of the bar. :robux_light:

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