Global points leaderboard for working staff

So I recently made a points system that gives employees points if they do their job correctly, the points then save from the players value of points and go onto the leader board, the board displays the top 10 people with the most amount of points and also displays to top employee/employee of the month, following that it makes an NPC dance with the NPCs character auto updating to the #1 on the board, also with a cool rainbow overhead name!


Could be really useful for hotels when people use the CheckMeIn.

It is cool for starting games. Where people always tries to challenge each other and this would be useless for challenging games.

Seems pretty cool, i like the idea / concept of it.

your ā€œGlobal point leaderboardā€ is pretty cool! the Leaderboard point animation are super clean as well. very impressiveā€¦ well done :+1:

Thank you for the positive feedback; the animation was a small touch I found would be pretty cool, based off the idea from the donation boards you see. :slight_smile:

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