Glocked Studios - Employee Handbook


Here you can find the links to all the pages you might need.

Currently, there are only the rules lol


These are the rules you need to abide by, it is HIGHLY recommended that you read this in order to not get into any trouble.

  • Abide by the Roblox ToS
  • Do not discriminate ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, religion or sexual preference
  • No Advertising, unless approved by an HR(SLT)
  • Do not argue or disrespect staff
  • Use common sense! You should know what is good and what is bad

If you break any of these, you get 3 Warnings.
Once you reach a point where warnings aren’t necessary, you will be suspended for x many days depending on the situation. (Subject to HR’s decisions)
After that, you are unsuspended.

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