Gloows | GFX Artist/Graphic Designer

Sup! I’m a Roblox GFX/Graphic Designer, you can call me gloows. I have been doing GFX & Graphic Design for about 1 year now and I know my way around in this kind of area.



Profile Pictures

Programs I use:
For importing the OBJ files, I use Roblox Studio, and for making the actual renders I use Blender (cycles render) & for photo editing I use a site called “Befunky”.

How long does it take for your products?
It depends on what type of GFX I’m making. If it is a thumbnail it can take around 1-2 hours, a profile picture could take 10-30 minutes & game icons can take around 1 hour.

When are you avaliable?
I’m for the most part avalibable all the time during weekends, but during school days I’m only avaliable after 3 PM CEST/CET.

These are the prices for my work:

  1. Game Icon - 100 - 500R$

  2. Thumbnail - 1000 - 3000R$

  3. Profile Picture - 200R$

Commission Sheet

Payment methods: Group Funds or T-Shirt (T-Shirts will have higher prices due to tax)

Discord: gloows#5680
Twitter: @gloowsy

Thank you for reading! :smiley:


wonderful work!
will defiantly be ordering in the future!
I would recommend adding watermarks to your work, though, as people could claim it as theirs!

Hello do you still make GFX?? add me CessCuttiee#5232