Go check my new game not the best but not bad either!

Hello! I have a sword fighting game and its for people who wants to host minigames of sword fighting so dm me if you ever want to host a sword fighting minigame and heres is game link! Also I am sorry if it is bad I am not a advance builder yet I am still learning so maybe by 2021 I will be better!

Discord: RealmBass#3019
Thank you for playing the game if you did!

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Your game doesn’t have anything in it to really judge.
How can I sword fight without a sword?
Try making a lobby & map and allow the players to have swords… private your game, work on it & then release when it’s finished.

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Dude you uploaded the wrong file? theres nothing here…

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Thats why I said dm me so I can give you admin because I couldnt add swords since it wouldnt allow me

Guys I said I am not advance builder and I said I am still learning please don’t complain about how bad it is and give me a little longer so I can get better at my game developing skills!

did you forget to publish the game or anything? I have no swords, and it’s just a green baseplate with some walls.

I know your new to building, but this is just some walls. I agree with Luxorz, private the game, develop it, and then release it.


Dude its for people to host mini games

So I made it where if you want host minigames got use a vip and and dm me for admin

Alright, but still, you don’t event get a sword so idk what people would do.

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Hey KdiiSy!

First lesson as a new developer: make it really clear by the game’s title and description what there is to do in the game, and make that activity very accessible by every player.

Players want their expectations met! So if they’re expecting one thing when they join the game, but don’t get that thing, they’ll be disappointed.

So, your first step: Add a couple swords! That way, players don’t have to DM you first to host a mini game. That’s a little bit more work and too many steps for your players.

Good luck and continue to learn! The Roblox Wiki is very helpful – start there and follow along with some tutorials!

We understand you’re a new developer but there’s nothing to do in the game. You want people to friend you, wait for you to accept (you could be asleep or elsewhere so this could take hours/days) and then ask you to give them swords?

If you can’t bring in swords then allow gear. We aren’t “complaining about how bad it is”… this is a feedback forum. Criticism is most definitely allowed and I most definitely did not judge harshly.
I agree with @CaptainKF