goAviate Flight Simulator: Development


Hey aviators! Here’s the development update for December 10th, 2023:

First off, I will be pausing development for a while to focus more on exams and real life - I fully intend on finishing the project, just not any time soon!

That said, I’ve been working on a few things since April:

The C152 is nearing completion! It now features a fairly detailed exterior and interior model.

Introducing the final (for real this time) design for goAviate’s main menu, along with a new colour scheme!

Finally, here’s Saba, complete with a WIP airport and water masking. Trees, buildings and roads to be added in due course.

Previous Dev Updates

June 5th 2022

– UI V3 Development

– Progress on Saint Martin / Sint Maarten

October 11th 2022

– WIP Pilatus PC-24 Cockpit

– PC-24 coming along decently

January 25th 2023

– Work on Saba (TNCS)

– Also learning Quixel Mixture for texturing :slight_smile:

– And finally an updated logo

April 24th 2023

Hey aviators! Here’s the development update for April 24th, 2023:

First is the brand new Cessna 152! Having flown this aircraft recently in the real world, you can expect a detailed and accurate representation in-game.

Land ahoy! Saba, home to the world’s shortest commercial runway, will be featured in goAviate.

The island has high-resolution, hand-painted textures and is based off real-world heightmap data. Landing here will be a challenge for any pilot!