Golden Valley High School | Student Handbook


Hello! Welcome to Golden Valley High School Student Handbook. We would like to thank you for being apart of our wonderful Bees Family.

Please follow this handbook if you don’t want to be banned or kicked.

Senior Leadership Team

Commissioner | Ms. Soli Waterland | @SoliWaterland
Superintendent | @geogrefood
Deputy Superintendent | Dr. Cam Waterland | @Cclippinger
Assistant Superintendent | Ms. S Lin | @SuperGirlyGamer_165
Chief of Staff | Mr. Joshua Crawford | @TheSneakyPieBoy
Principal | Allen | @vampurism

Community Guidelines:

  1. No inappropriate language is allowed in our communications server.

  2. Do not talk negatively about our affiliates or affiliate representatives in our public channels.

  3. Drama/conflict is strictly prohibited in our communications server. By arguing or being involved in any type of drama in our communications server will result in a temporary kick from our server. Take all drama or conflict to direct messages.

  4. Treat all community members with respect.

  5. Do not discuss personal information (includes your age, suicidal thoughts, or personal life) inside of our public channels. Keep that information confidential to the public.

  6. Inappropriate images or discussions are prohibited in our channels. If you were granted picture permissions, it will be removed if you violate the guidelines by positing inappropriate images. By having inappropriate discussions, you will be muted on the first redirection. On the second redirection, you will be kicked from the server.

  7. We have zero tolerance for bullying or harassment with our community members. Bullying or harassing our community members will result in a ban from our communications server.

  8. Spamming or mass mentioning is strictly prohibited. By mass mentioning, it’s an automatic permanent ban from our server without an appeal.

Uniform/Dress Code

  1. We do not accept any inappropriate clothing at all.
  2. Only days you can wear these types of things (One of Them) are on Special Days.